Insurance is not an easy game to play a part in. With the ever-increasing costs of vehicles and the huge amount of insurance policies, programs and companies making themselves available, trying to take out a comprehensive, cost-effective car insurance policy isn’t that easy. Here, at The Insurance Guru, we provide you with the sound and solid advice and tips you’ll need to find the best car insurance for you and your needs.

  • Make sure you plan ahead, and plan well. Avoid running out of petrol, keep your keys on you at all times, try to not leave the car unattended in unsavory places. Do all you can to avoid even needing to claim, the better you look after the car, the lower your premiums may be and the less chance you’ll have a need to make a claim.
  • When renting a car, you need to pay an insurance charge on that vehicle for the time you use it, and some policies will cover that cost in them. However convenient, don’t take this option, and rather pay the insurance costs directly to the rental company as and when you need to. This will save a lot of money!
  • Make sure that when and if you decide to add extra’s to the car, like stereo’s, spoilers etc, that you know these won’t always be covered by your plan. You could add R5000 worth of accessories to your vehicle, but only claim back R1000. Be  careful of this and do your research!
  • Take a defensive or advanced driving course, these kinds of programs will do wonders for lowering your premiums.

Car insurance is a very important, and sometimes very expensive necessity, that we all need to tackle at one time or another. Follow all our tips and tricks and the sometimes daunting world of car insurance can be made a little less terrifying!