There are many Car insurance companies whom offers you a fixed car insurance premium. There are many reasons why you should select to opt for a fixed premium but the most important bit is that you will not have any unexpected billings or increases.

There are some car insurance companies whom offers to annually DECREASE your premium, like King Price Insurance , the reason for doing this is, your car does not increase with value each year, unless you have a classic, so why should your car insurance premium increase? They have a very limited niche in the insurance market as currently there is no other south african car insurance company which offers this. You do have a no claims bonus with Outsurance, Budget and the likes but for your car insurance premium to DECREASE each year is something special.

Outsurance offers you a cash back bonus and claims to beat any quote out there or they will give you R350 cash in your pocket. Seems that Outsurance is the one to go with? Compare your car insurance quotes and if you so feel to have your insurance premium locked for up to 3 years you can choose to do so, however it will be best to compare car insurance quotes from various car insurance providers to get the best offer you can, The Insurance Bee does this!