Do not eat food

If you have to eat something then find a rest stop or eat something small so you are still in control of your car. Eating a huge burger while driving is as bad as talking on your cell phone. You are distracted and are not in control of your surroundings.

Talking on your Cell phone

A cell phone is a distraction practically any time you use it so using it while you are driving becomes a potentially fatal distraction. If you are one of those people that need to be on the phone while you are driving then get one of those Bluetooth headsets or put your phone on speaker. You will notice your car will begin to swerve and you will either speed or slowdown. Next thing you know people are hooting at you to get back in your lane. Talking on your cell phone while driving and that being a cause of the accident makes you naked when car insurance is involved. They will probably not cover you.

Texting While Driving

Trying to text and drive is so dangerous and almost impossible but I have seen people do it. I think it is worse that talking on your phone as you have to look at your phone and with one hand you have to type (some people need two hands). The amount of concentration lost while typing is insane. If they have texted you then it’s probably not that urgent anyway. It is the same with talking on your cell phone to a car insurance company.

Don’t Drink and Drive (Alcoholic)

The biggest thing that a driver should not do is drink any type of alcoholic beverage while driving. This also applies to drinking right before deciding to drive home from some club or party. If you have plans to go out make a plan to take a cab home or let on of your friends or even yourself be the sober designated driver. Drinking and driving kills, simple as that. Hundreds die every day from drunk drivers.

Statistics show that in 2008, over 37% of all driving related deaths were due to alcohol related fatalities. Still, 37% is way too much.

By eliminating these few risks and more you are making the road a better and safer place for yourself and the public to use. Take careful care when reading the small print of your car insurance policy