There are many reasons why you should get car insurance and why it is important for your financial well being. Here we can list off the top 5 reasons why you should have car insurance:

    1. Financial protection – you need to realize that your car is one of the most expensive investments you are going to make within your life and you should take care of that investment and protect it. Insurance is imperative as a simple fender bender can set you back Thousands of rands.
    2. Cover damage – Many car insurance companies have built in services which assists you like roadside assistance, glass repair and more.
    3. Added Services = transport – If you happen to be in an accident you need to make sure you are covered and have means of transport, an accredited insurance company will have standby vehicles for you to use.
    4. Accredited panel shops/ repair centre – if you happen to get into an accident you will need to have your vehicle repaired and non so much as having it repaired, you need have it done right with the right technicians on hand to assist.
    5. Peace of mind – having car insurance gives you peace of mind in the event that something does happen, you know you are going to be covered. The bigger picture will see a weather event such as hail, flood damage and more. Have peace of mind that if something does happen you have the right car insurance to cover you.

Car insurance is a must and each and every person does not have it making driving on South African roads even more dangerous than what it already is. Make sure you have comprehensive cover so that in the event of anything happening to you or your car you can have peace of mind that you are covered. If you are seeking car insurance and want competitive car insurance quotes you can look no further than!